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IA - inteligencia artificial

1st Edition of the International Competition of Videos of València generated with Artificial Intelligence



that push the boundaries of imagination, explore new narratives, and reveal the astonishing fusion between the human mind and technology when it comes to talk about València.

Have you already started using artificial intelligence to create your videos? Are you a complete novice but would love to give it a try?

We want to see your creation!


on this revolutionary journey, follow the instructions provided, and share your video with a global audience eager to discover the wonders that artificial intelligence can achieve in the world of video and tourist destination marketing.


Take inspiration from Martin Härlin, the author of the promotional video for this competition.

Martin is an example of how artificial intelligence is changing audiovisual production and has created highly viral videos on X and LinkedIn.


Generated 100% by artificial intelligence and win fantastic prizes.

From February 20th to March 11th

How to participate

To participate in the competition, proposals must be uploaded to the Snapsea tool via this link.


Your mission is to create a video lasting 30 to 60 seconds using material generated 100% by artificial intelligence. The generated content includes anything that makes use of generative artificial intelligence tools such as Midjourney, Runway, Pika, Elevenlabs, etc.


Martin Härlin, a video producer using artificial intelligence tools, has created the inspirational video for this competition.


Only one video per participant may be submitted.


There is a variety of resources to capture the heart and soul of Valencia, from stunning photographs of the city's architectural wonders and the serenity of the Albufera to the captivating paintings of the Valencian artist Sorolla.

You can use or create another song, but thanks to the collaboration of Seguridad Social, a well-known Valencian music group, you can also use the song "Todo Es Luz" by Seguridad Social.

These resources are downloadable from our official website, this is your playground. Go ahead, shape them, bring them to life, and turn them into your artificial intelligence artistic masterpiece.

Creative process

The aim of the competition is to discover the city of València through the eyes of artificial intelligence, so the use of generative tools will be rewarded, and the material must be generated and not just edited with A.I. Although to facilitate the video creation process, the provided resources can be combined as inspiration with content generated by artificial intelligence.

The goal is to create films that not only showcase the technological power of artificial intelligence but also celebrate the city's green spaces, architectural grandeur, cultural diversity, and commitment to sustainability. Let these videos be a modern testament to how artificial intelligence can interpret and add an extra touch of magic to Valencia's visual feast.

If you want to add a voice-over, please use the English language.

Color palette

Creators are encouraged to adopt a color palette inspired by Valencia's vitality, with a focus on the mix of green and orange. This color scheme aims to create a unified visual language that links the various elements of Valencia portrayed in the films.
All participants must accept the terms and conditions and, although they may distribute their videos on their own networks, they will transfer the broadcasting rights to the Valenc.IA contest organizers.

Contest rules

Visit València, in collaboration with Las Naves, la Fundació del Disseny y la Capitalidad Verde Europea, is organizing the first competition of tourist videos made with artificial intelligence tools: VALENC.IA “See València Through the eyes of the AI”.
The competition aims to promote creation and gather different visions of València from professionals around the world, showcasing the city through the eyes of artificial intelligence.

In addition to training activities such as workshops held in the context of the competition, and other future promotional and dissemination actions of the participating videos, the competition will have a contest phase in which a jury composed of experts in tourism, design, innovation, and green capital will award the two best videos among the proposals submitted, as well as four other videos that, at the discretion of the jury, deserve recognition.

The competition, as well as the prizes to be awarded, are sponsored by the company Havas Media, closely linked to the development of innovation in tourism marketing in the city of València. The competition also has the collaboration of ComunitAD, the College of Advertising and Public Relations of the Valencian Community, Telefónica, the City of Arts and Sciences, the music band Seguridad Social, and the Snapsea platform.

Terms and deadlines

The competition, presented at Fitur on January 25, 2024, will have two distinct phases.

  1. Training workshop
    A training workshop will be organized by artificial intelligence experts at Las Naves on February 19, exclusively for creative professionals from the Valencian Community. Attendance is limited to 80 people, with admission granted to nominees endorsed by collaborating companies/institutions.
  2. Reception of candidate videos
    From February 20 to March 11, aspiring participants can enter the competition by submitting their videos through the Snapsea platform.
  3. Selection of best videos
    A distinguished panel of experts will evaluate the videos based on their ability to capture and amplify the unique aspects of Valencia through the eyes of generative artificial intelligence.
    • Tono Franco, Director of Visit València. Tourism Representative.
    • Two video creation and audiovisual sector specialists proposed by Las Naves and the Design Foundation, endorsed by collaboration with another professional organization (CV Public Relations College + ComunitAd). Talent Representatives.
    • Marta Chillarón, Director of Las Naves. Innovation and Green Capital Representative
    • Xavi Calvo, Director of the Design Foundation. Creativity Representative.
Collaborating entities

Las Naves y la Fundació del Disseny de la Comunitat Valenciana collaborate with Visit València in the creation of this new international competition, support its bases, and share the calls for entries to the various phases of the "VALENC.IA" project.
Las Naves, as an innovation hub in València, provides the connecting space for "VALENC.IA," creating the experimental framework for this project where necessary synergies will be fostered with the local entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem to leverage all opportunities arising from knowledge, talent, and technology in the city of València and its surroundings.

On the part of the Fundació del Disseny, one of the key principles of the organization is the promotion and dynamization of collaborative project management and co-creation platforms in various design fields, institutions, and administration, as well as promoting specific activities aimed at institutions and companies, fostering the role of design for innovation. Through the "VALENC.IA" project, the Fundació also fulfills another of its foundational objectives, which is to contribute to improving the development of design specialties and the training of professionals.

These entities will, in turn, rely on Visit València's network of communication agencies in Europe, their own channels, and those of related networks to amplify the campaign's impact.

Guest Professional Martin Haerlin is a video director, a pioneer in audiovisual production based on artificial intelligence-generated images. As an expert creator, Haerlin has produced a pilot video that will pave the way by generating an initial demonstration piece.


The top videos will be promoted by the competition's collaborators and will have their space in a dedicated exhibition. Additionally, they will receive the training and tools necessary to continue their education in creating videos with artificial intelligence through these awards:

In this first edition of the Valenc.IA Contest, a total of 6 prizes will be awarded, distributed as follows:

  • 2 winners of the Valenc.IA 2024 contest. The first prize will be awarded to the video chosen by the jury from among the attendees of the workshop on February 19. The second prize will be selected from the videos submitted by the rest of the participants in the contest.
    • Both winners will receive a 4-hour Masterclass with Xabier Iglesias, founder of the prestigious company specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Mementum Tech
    • What will it consist of?
      • Documentary and Commercial Video Creation: During the first two hours, attendees will learn to use tools such as Pictory AI, Vimcal, and InVideo to create impactful content.
      • Additionally, synthetic voice generation and AI-created music with Elevenlabs and Loudly will be explored.
      • Artistic Video Creation and Avatar Presenters: In the second part of the workshop, also two hours long, attendees will learn to transform text into captivating videos using RunwayML and Pikalabs. In addition, we will delve into the creation of presenter avatars with D-ID and HeyGen.
    • Both winners will also receive a two-day stay in València with a social and professional program organized by Visit València, where they will have the opportunity to discover the destination through their own eyes after imagining the vision of València through AI in their videos. In the case of the winner of the open phase, the trip to València will be included.
    • Workshop Details
    • Location: València. In-person and half-day.
      • Date: during the month of June 2024, specific days to be determined.
      • Total duration: 4 hours of inspiration and learning.
      • Attendees of the workshop will receive their certificate/diploma of attendance to training in new technologies.
  • 4 Accessit prizes will be awarded. The four secondary winners of the edition will receive a 1-year License for access to the Unlimited version of the Runway tool ( )
    What will it consist of?
    • Annual access to the most complete version of the premier artificial intelligence video generation tool. This access includes:
      • Unlimited Gen-1 and Gen-2 video generation; 500 GB of assets; up to 10 editors.
      • All Standard video editor exports, plus PNG and ProRes for video editor compositions.
      • All Standard image exports, plus PNG and ProRes.
      • Custom AI generator training.